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[MV] Eddy Kim(에디킴) _ The Manual(너 사용법)

[MV] Eddy Kim(에디킴) _ The Manual(너 사용법)

*English subtitles are now available. :D
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:: iTunes DL : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/neo-sayongbeob-the-manual-ep/id862213887

The first debut of male singer of Mystic89!
A new artist who erases the line between R\u0026B and folk music is here!
The first mini album [The Manual] in which Eddy Kim participated in vocals, composing, and producing is now released!

Eddy Kim picks 'The Manual', which is also the title of the album, as the sweetest song of this mini album. The song is very minimal, composed of only Eddy's voice and guitar sound which makes it possible to concentrate only on Eddy Kim's voice. The lyrics that list the things needed to love a girlfriend are very impressive.

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미스틱89가 선택한 첫 번째 남자 신인, 에디킴!
R\u0026B와 포크의 경계를 지우는 새로운 스타일의 아티스트 출현!
직접 보컬, 작곡, 프로듀싱까지 한 첫 번째 미니앨범 [너 사용법] 발매!

앨범의 제목이기도 한 '너 사용법'은 이번 미니 앨범에서 에디킴이 꼽은 가장 달콤한 노래다. 이 곡은 에디킴의 목소리와 기타 사운드로만 이루어져 있으며, 미니멀한 구성 덕분에 에디킴의 목소리에 오롯이 집중할 수 있다. 여자 친구와의 사랑을 가꿔가기 위해 필요한 것들을 매뉴얼처럼 정리해놓은 가사가 인상적이다.
leonardo dicaprio : park jihoonie's favorite song
김애용 : 나만 오피니언 보고 왔나???
2112김정인 : 초5떄 친구아파트 밑에서 작은 코카콜라 행사같은거 할떄 스피커에서 저 노래 흘러나왔던게 아직도 생생하네...
thaibl_addict : uhmm... no one asked but I searched for this because of Yoon Sanha of ASTRO (아스트로) I got hooked with the song when he performed and sang this on their web drama "To Be Continued"
พงศ์พัทธ์ มีลุน : B

Fields Wicker-Miurin: Learning from leadership's missing manual

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BariumCobaltNitrog3n : her name is Fields?
 This woman has nothing to say.
justjazzieful : Amen sister!
RiotHouse : She recommended "succession planning on a global basis" at the end.  Typical intellectual, she takes 3 random samples and scrapes together an "Idea" in order to change the world.  She then gets on TED and sells an untested product for the minds of the masses.  Very dangerous....always be cynical of people who only invent intangible ideas (politicians, professors, experts, gurus, preachers, etc).
Daniel Manahan : The number of people that can be fed on this planet is directly related to the diet types of the world. Change the diet types and you change how many people can be supported on a limited supply of food sources.

do research to know what diet types feed the most people based on how much water is needed to produce X types of food.
Dr Simon Bignell : Taking herself way too seriously. No content from this talk.

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ImmersiveGamer83 : Short answer nope, too much work and cost
Aaron Chadwick : Possible idea for a new show would be having fun with junker cars
Danrich driving and more : I especially enjoyed this episode. Reminded me of how my friend taught me how to change clutch plate.
Daniel Rivera : It's looks soo easy (I think)
Stupid Bloke Stupid Videos : 15:07 hello Donut Media, my audition video is my YouTube channel.

Yea, I’m not definitely getting offered the job am I… plus I’m in England, so I couldn’t handle the heat and would just spend most of the day correcting your wrong American terminology for EVERYTHING anyway ‍♀️




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